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Luneng was fined by the Football Association, Magath faced the difficult problem, and the U-magat who should start

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Luneng was fined by the Football Association, Magat faced the difficult problem, the U

Magat : Tuhel should not criticize Hummels

Magat official: I will coach Shandong Luneng-Football First Portal

Atlas: Luneng's pre-match training preparations

Coach Magath , Zhou Qing first shot 45_Resize

Luneng prepares for the FA Cup, Magath looks serious, Monty works hard

Magath iron fist ruler Luneng has dumped the Pacers in the new season

Magat criticizes Loew: Ram should not continue playing midfield

Picture flow: leisurely? Magat idled off the bench at halftime _ football


Yang Xu shocked by the top salary offer of the giants! Luneng's international transfer fee may be re-created

Magath : Luneng made another mistake and lost to himself would give Cisse more

Wolfsburg prepares nervously for Magath to ignore transfer rumors (video

Magath : foreign aid to stay tomorrow, talk about tower gods playing well

[Picture] Double Champion Bayern Munich Celebration Party Magat Show Trophy Award

Magath : Do your best to continue the good start-professional authority football

Maga features heroes of Wolfsburg victory-Bundesliga 2008-2009-Football

Magath : I'm impressed by the relaxation performance-professional authority

Use Magath for fire fighting_other columns

To make matters worse, Luneng Tiewei's calf fracture when stepping on the field may be reimbursed for the season

Magat and Zhang Chi attended the conference Tardelli replaced Cisse

Lu Media: Magat pays more attention to team details. German rigor is changing Lu

Magat reveals that Tower God is unhappy because of personal affairs

High-definition picture: Luneng Zhong will spoof the coach for Magat's birthday Wang Dalei

[Luneng Vision] Returning to the AFC non-dream Dream

Photo-Bayern Munich celebrates double crown with Magath

Magath : Wang Dalei's continued performance can enter the national football team and Luneng deserves to win

Magat left with Sun Hua, head of Luneng Club

Magath : Luneng was supposed to be the winning side and Liu Junshuai was replaced with an unrelated table

Magat : Luneng attaches too much importance to the AFC Champions League but the Super League is the fundamental

Magath : 1-1 is fair. Luneng wants to improve the quality of crosses as soon as possible.

Magath explains Luneng's starting adjustments

Magath : creating a European football style team to help fans fulfill their dreams

Luneng training in the FA Cup after the rainstorm

Magat : Luneng has physical strength, I wonder if Cisse will start or not

Magat PK Schmidt: compete for high position to grab Shi Shuai on the spot slightly

Luneng escapes from relegation zone with Magnificent forces gaining reporters after game

Luneng's absolute core injury retired, Magath gave a response after the game -Today

Quan Jian team challenged Luneng by high-speed rail, wary of Magat and return from injury

Magat : Shouldn't lose in the first half.

An Analysis of Shanghai Port vs. Luneng: Magat Forces Hardback , Boaz Conservative Risk

Magath : accepting the FA Cup out will focus on the league

Hao Junmin has adapted to the Magat training PK singled out the main substitute

Magat regrets the word summary and lost at home and lost points away

Magat : I have a lot of experience and I will try to restore Luneng players' confidence

Photo: Driver Glock recorded the show in front of Magath_

Interview with Magath : Hao Junmin is not a companion and started paying attention to him last year

Schmidt and Magat did not meet when they were the hottest.

Magat clarifies the principles of foreign aid use

7 adults think Magath will allow Luneng to improve

Luneng training in the FA Cup after the rainstorm

Magat : Luneng's problem is that he has conceded more goals but I am confident that it can be solved

Shandong Luneng stepped on the field to prepare for the 12th round of Super League coach Margaret appeared

Gao Linhao said that Evergrande's desire for victory is strong.

Magat : Luneng has poor defense and loses due to less relegation experience

Magath : feeling downgraded is worse than losing the World Cup final

Atlas: Shandong Luneng training, Magat training speakers will listen carefully-

Bayern Chairman Hennesse: Magat cannot get rich in Germany before going rich

Magath : Some players can't do their job.

Magat : defensive combat is a prerequisite for Luneng's 18-man roster

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