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Spring Breeze Yide Landscape Design Exhibition in March Opens in Beijing-Thank You

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The Spring Breeze Yide Landscape Design Exhibition in March Opens in Beijing

Sri Lanka International Buddhism Cultural Exchange High-end Visiting Group Sends Blessings

Zhang Fuye's National Tour of Art Works Opens at Jiangxi Jiujiang Art Museum

Sanjay Ben Thangka Art Exhibition at National Museum of China

Wen Xin Wei Ran--G20 Summit Wen Wei Painting and Calligraphy Opening Ceremony in Tang Yun

Qingde Elders Revealing Remembrance Meeting Held at Shengshui Temple in Neijiang, Sichuan

Picture of the opening ceremony of the post-Emperor Wang Gang oil painting

The opening ceremony of the new book of Haian Jiao ink painting was held, and Chen Haian thanked-

Qilu, Shandong Province, celebrates inauguration of Yijing Temple

Sword strikes the edge-Wang Jian's ink painting exhibition opens in Beijing

Linquan Baiyun Temple Mountain Gate Hall, Heavenly King Hall and Liangxiong Hall

Visiting delegation from Taiwan Chinese Buddhist Association visited Xi'an Daxing

Zhang Guzhong, chairman of the Gangu County Federation of Literary and Art Federations, held a calligraphy and painting exhibition in Shenzhen

Jia Yuemin's Poetic Art Exhibition in the 1912 Earth Art Season

Acknowledgement from the participating artist Mr. Zhao Liangwei. Webp_nEO_IM

Urban Ink Painting--Ma Bosheng Ink Painting Exhibition at Beijing Jianzhu University

The fireworks in March are colorful and the spring light is infinitely good. Wuxi Wujin has a total of two places.

Dong Jining's 8th Anniversary of Life in Jiangshan

Twenty Years of Enlightenment and Revitalization of the Buddhist Temple-Shantou Bodhi Temple was held

6Artist Zeng Yingchun thank you.jpg

Xiaoxing World Hundred Cities Tour Enters Xianyang at Xianyang Unified Square

15th Anniversary Celebration of Wuxi Quanda Automobile Maintenance Co., Ltd.

True and Imaginary-Xue Yunxiang's Chinese Painting Art Exhibition in Zhiyun Mountain, Nanjing

Yanlong Temple in Yi County, Anhui Province held Matouji Lower Yard Completion Ceremony

A brief template for women's parents' wedding thank -you

Mr. Guo Ke spoke at the opening and thank you

Liu Zhenxia's figure painting exhibition opens at the National Art Museum of China (Photos)

Tianlong Mountain Temple in Quannan, Jiangxi Province Holds the Ascension of Master Jubilee and Opening of Thousand Buddhas

Feel the charm of poetry in recitation

Tao Yonghuo Me-Guo Shifu's Art Exhibition

Thank you from artist Jia Guangjian

Thank you artist Changchun Zuo unanimously

"Video News" Mo Cheng-Works by Zhang Zhimin, Dong Yan, Teachers and Students

Wedding thank you words | Groom wedding thank you words in five doc formats for free

Lin Quan Yazhi · Gu Ping Xiaoyao Landscape Chinese Painting Exhibition Opens in Nantong-

Ceremonial Buddha--Chen Jiangong & Zhao Meilin's Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in Xi'an Jinye

Liu Zhentao's Poetry and Calligraphy Art Exhibition and "Liu Zhentao Calligraphy Collection" Debut

Enlightened Encounters One by One Dai Zhenuo Chu Xiaoqiong's Calligraphy Works Exhibition in Zhang

Wedding Acknowledgements | Groom Wedding Acknowledgements

Seeing Buddha in Blossom-Chen Dingfo's Painting Exhibition Opens at Yaming Art Museum Today

Linghui Temple, Maoming, Guangdong Province Holds the Celebration Ceremony

Pharmacist Rugai and Charity on the Two Sides of the Helu Temple Strait in Fushan, China

Qi Shiqi's Cross-Border Opening Ceremony at Shanghai Shengling Gallery

Mo Yun · Xing Ling Wang's New Chinese Painting Exhibition Opens

Zheng Hulin Zhoubo Calligraphy Exhibition Launched

Patriotic Overseas Chinese Mr. Wei Keying's Biography "Weikeying Biography"

Thank you message for the memorial service_peripheral services_jdzj.com

The 2nd Silk Road Rape Seed Valley Rural Literature and Art Award 2018

Shimadzu Gold sponsors the 15th National Youth Analysis Test

Hunan Huayin Fahua Temple Grand Opening of the Eight-finger Toto Memorial Hall

Yang Xiaoyang's Silk Road Fine Arts Exhibition in Xi'an

Jiao Guangsheng Art Exhibition Held at China Millennium Monument

New Year Appreciation Ceremony for New and Old Customers in Rizhao · Wenzhou City Ended Gorgeously

Mind and Object Tour-Zhang Qunyan's Chinese Painting Exhibition Promotes Anhui, Guangdong

Li Xiaofeng and Shen Yuansen's Calligraphy and Painting Works Exhibition

Shangrao Sanqingshan Photographers Association 2018 Successfully Held

Newcomers thank you Qin Yangyang and Feng Chengcheng

[ Acknowledgment from the memorial service] Thanks from the funeral.doc

Realizing Dreams and Passing on Love-Works of Chinese Contemporary Power School Calligraphers and Painters

Leaves, bark, petals, etc. were used by him for painting |

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