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Gathering well-known artists, the Chinese original musical theatre base in Malanshan is listed

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Hunan Daily · New Hunan Client January 11 (Reporter Long Wenxun) Today, the Malanshan Chinese Original Musical Theatre Base was established in Changsha Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industry Park. Xu Ying, the founder of the base and the national first-level screenwriter of Hunan nationality, revealed that the base has gathered the creative bases of many “national” musical associations, as well as the studios of Hunan artists such as Tan Dun and Liu Yue. Talent cultivation and other aspects promote the development of Hunan musicals.

According to Xu Ying, the base was co-sponsored by Hunan-based artists such as Tan Dun, Li Guyi, Wu Bixia, Zhang Ye, Lei Jia, and Wang Lida, and was co-founded by Hunan Nanguo Xinshe Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and China Musical Drama Association. At present, there are the Malanshan Original Base of the Chinese Musical Drama Association, the Musical Drama Creation (Hunan) Base of the Chinese Dramatic and Literary Society, the Creative Performance Base of the Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre, and Tan Dun Music Studio, Liu Yue Music Studio, and Xu Ying's Drama Work Room, Tang Ling Theatre Studio, Shadow Musical Artist Workshop and other institutions settled.

Hunan Nanguo Xinshe Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., one of the founders of the base, has invested in Hunan to produce and produce the musical "Angel Choir", children's musical "Dongguo and Wolf", flower drum drama "Liansheng Three Levels", Hunan opera "Protect Country "and other works. During the listing ceremony, the Southland News Agency and Malanshan Chinese Original Musical Theater Base signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Musical Drama Association, the Chinese Academy of Dramatic Literature, and the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater, and agreed to jointly create an original Chinese musical.

Starting this year, the base will open public welfare training classes, with well-known domestic artists as teachers, master classes in musical theatre, free training for musical theatre teachers, and Chinese and English children's musical theatre training courses at prices lower than the Changsha market price.

At present, the base has stocked a number of musicals, which will be launched one after another, and provide excellent citizens with opportunities to participate in creation and performance. Among them, the children's musical "Fox Raising Chickens" is expected to be performed in Changsha on June 1st, and actors will be trained after the Spring Festival. Interested children can sign up to participate and select the best candidates.

[Responsible editor: Wu Wulin]

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