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Tiger tooth star ceremony: MLXG and beauty photos flow out, netizens: this dress is really white

Information source: XfBFJctdS

The annual Huya Star Ceremony has finally been held. As the annual event of Huya, all of them participated in the popular anchors of Huya's various fields. For example, the attitude of the League of Legends, Sao Men, etc., Zhang Daxian and others in the field of King Glory, and others in the peace elite field. The participation of these popular anchors also attracted countless fans to the live broadcast room to watch the event.

Of course, as a brother of the League of Legends anchor MLXG naturally participated in it, and walked the red carpet with the old RNG teammate attitude. In the red carpet, posture and MLXG also revealed that both of them will have a show for everyone.

Those who have watched the Huyaxing Festival must know that the posture-prepared show is a hot dance and a dance of Xinbao Island. Although the posture is not a professional dancer, it can be seen that the posture preparation is quite sufficient. The dancing posture is not very enchanting, but it is very serious.

MLXG also participated in the speech. It was very worthy of a very affectionate speech with the leaders of Zhang Jike and Buqiren. It is worth mentioning that Weibo Da V, a little demon named Penny, took a photo with MLXG during the Huya Star event. Because the lady's figure is too hot, many water friends laugh at the clothes for being white.

MLXG's photo with this younger sister also attracted the attention of many water friends. Even this younger sister's Weibo was picked up by everyone. I have to say that this younger sister is really pretty.

The Huya Star Ceremony is over. Which scene is most impressive to you? Please leave a message to discuss ~

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