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The original myopia, not a computer or a mobile phone, the three "original sins" that destroy children's vision

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Original title: Children's myopia, not a computer or a mobile phone, 3 "original sins" that destroy children's vision

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01 The incidence of myopia is gradually aging

Whether in school or on the road, children with glasses can be seen everywhere. Seeing them at a young age, they have a pair of glasses on their noses, and they still feel very distressed. After all, wearing glasses is very troublesome.

On October 8, the World Health Organization released a World Vision Report.

The report shows that the number of myopia in the world is about 2.6 billion, and the number of myopia under 19 is 312 million. Especially children and adolescents, myopia rate continues to rise.

My country has 600 million patients with myopia, and the rate of myopia among adolescents ranks first in the world.

The first China Compulsory Education Quality Inspection Report issued by the Ministry of Education in 2018 pointed out that the detection rate of poor eyesight was 36.5% and 65.3% respectively in the fourth and eighth grade students, and the severely bad proportion of eighth grade students exceeded 30 %.

Moreover, the incidence of myopia is gradually aging, and even children around the age of 2 have myopia.

Why are so many children short-sighted? In addition to heredity, the culprits we can think of are televisions, computers and mobile phones.

However, when many parents reported to the ophthalmologist, they said that they usually pay special attention to the protection of their children's eyes. Each time they watch TV and play mobile phones, they will strictly control and they are not short-sighted.

So, how is my child short-sighted?

02 Three "original sins" that destroy children's vision

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