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The first choice of the "winner" of the original life, with a full start of 1 million, a speedup of 6.1 seconds, and the gas field is stronger than the Range Rover

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The understanding of "winners in life" seems to me to be able to live in the eyes of others at an appropriate age. The word "best harvest" for a business family is the most suitable term. Therefore, for life winners, food, clothing, and transportation may be different from ordinary people, especially the vehicle for daily travel, which represents its identity and status. Natural automotive products cannot be achieved. In the true sense, it can be called a suitable car for the winner of life. In my opinion, it is like

Porsche Cayenne (parameters | pictures), Mercedes-Benz GLS, or the BMW X7, which I will discuss with fellow riders today, are their best choices.

Among the three models mentioned above, the BMW X7 was the shortest time to market, but the starting price was exactly 1 million. It just went on the market and once required a price increase of 200,000 to raise the car, showing its high status. . Of course, like the winner of life, the visibility of the BMW X7 is relatively rare, so many people may be lucky enough to see this luxury car only at the auto show or 4S shop. So today, I would like to talk with you riders about this full-scale luxury SUV with a full start of 1 million, a speedup of 6.1 seconds, and a stronger gas field than the Range Rover.

First of all, in terms of the appearance of the entire vehicle, as the flagship model of the BMW SUV family, the BMW X7 still continues the BMW family-style design approach, and the classic design also shapes the recognition of the car. In the front direction, BMW ’s iconic “double kidney” design is larger in size, and the BMW logo in the middle highlights the car ’s momentum. At the same time, the use of a large carbon black sports cover on the front of the car, combined with the muscle sensation emitted by the fold line of the cover, makes the BMW X7 also show a certain hard-bodied atmosphere, making it more elegant.

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