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China Mobile officially announced! There is another charge, old users: here again

Information source: frqhnSXpMw

China Mobile is the largest telecommunications operator in China, with 700 million subscribers, far exceeding China Unicom and Telecom. However, China Mobile is the least popular among the three major mobile operators.

Why do you say that? I believe that users who have used China Mobile can experience the shortcomings of "poor service" and "high tariffs", and the only advantage that can be called is the good signal. However, under the construction of China Unicom and Telecom, this advantage of mobile is slowly disappearing.

According to the latest portability number transfer data, the number of users who want to transfer out of mobile is the most. Recognizing this, mobile has also changed strongly, bringing benefits to users. However, when everyone thought it was a good thing, they officially announced a news that shocked us and made many users angry.

Because of the dual V members launched by Mobile before, users can enjoy mobile privileges for free, but by 2020, users who want to enjoy the privilege of paying traffic will have to pay 1.99 yuan per month.

But this kind is obviously free to enjoy, but now you have to pay a certain amount to enjoy it, how do you say that let us swallow this breath? Nokia announced that it has signed 2020 cooperation framework agreements with the three major Chinese operators, with a total value of 15.7 billion.

China Mobile's routines are as many as ever. For example, before giving the number to the network, giving everyone a gift of traffic, it is actually tied to some conditions, such as not being able to carry the number to the network for one year. If China Mobile wants to continue to occupy the top spot, these routines cannot succeed.

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