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[Jing Xing Ye Yan Passionate Work] Wen Xianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Ci County Public Security Bureau, nightly checked the safety management of civilian explosives

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As the year approached, in order to ensure the absolute safety of civilian explosives management, on the evening of January 10, 2020, Comrade Wen Junhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Cixian Public Security Bureau, and his party went to Handan Anshun Chemical Co., Ltd., County Jinan Fireworks and Firecracker Co., Ltd. Warehouse, and County Civil Explosion. The company's warehouse inspected the safe production of civilian explosives, inspected the watch on duty, checked the account registration, monitoring, and security facilities one by one, and put forward specific work requirements to ensure that the civilian explosives were "not lost, not stolen, not Blast. "

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