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Son bitten by dog, man drunk and drove to medical police

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On the night of January 9th, when the Hong Kong-Beijing Brigade of the Traffic Management Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Binhai New Area launched an illegal operation of drinking and driving, a man who was identified as drinking and driving after exhalation alcohol testing was anxious: "Comrade traffic police, I admit that I drunk and drove. It should be punished, but there is an urgent matter to ask you to help! "

The man told the traffic police that he had a drink with his friends during dinner and suddenly received a phone call from his home. The 10-year-old son was bitten by a dog on the road and needed to be immediately taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. The man was anxious, thinking that the restaurant was not far from home, he drove home to pick up his son for medical treatment. The traffic police saw that the man's son was sitting in the car and his mother was accompanying him. While appeasing the emotions of the father and son, the traffic police instructed the drunk driving man to cooperate with the investigation work of the public security traffic management department. Subsequently, the traffic police drove the man's son and wife to the hospital quickly.

After the drunk driving man learned that his child was being treated quickly by phone, he expressed gratitude to the public security traffic management department for extending a helping hand in a timely manner while strictly enforcing the law. (Jiao Xuan and Liu Yuan)

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