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Telling love and friendship stories, which spy wars play emotional cards? Can it impress the audience?

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Female friends like to watch spy war dramas. In addition to paying attention to the plot, they pay more attention to the emotions of the characters in the episode, especially the love story between the hero and heroine. Of course, there are also family and friendship stories.

In order to attract the attention of women, and at the same time to cater to the tastes of young female audiences, idolized spy war dramas use the love relationship between characters as the focus of emotional relationship design.

"The Pretender", "The Sparrow", and "Decryption" do not have too much serious faith and doctrine in the past spy war dramas. While the plot is still burning, it focuses on describing the love story between the hero and heroine. In "Decrypt", Zhai Li has been secretly in love with 701 An Neng, and even wrote 108 love letters to An Neng, but An Neng did not reply. The angry Zhai Li ran to her face and asked An Neng why she didn't have a reply.

This undisguised and unflinching confession bridge is in stark contrast to the tolerant and restrained underground romance of the protagonists of "The Hidden" and "The Cliff".

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