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RNG meets EDG players, Xiaolongbao Live Painting 7, new identity is on the horizon

Information source: qZBYnDCKQ

In the League of Legends circle, the factory director is the oldest player. In addition to his seniority, his personal strength is also very strong. The most exaggerated point is that his peak career was a bit long, from S2 to S8! Although there are many well-known talented junglers in the LPL, such as elixir, Taobaoquan, Yuzu, Kangdi, MLXG, etc., all of them retired before the director retired.

Because the peak of his career is long enough, the director has a large number of fans around the world, and these fans also include many new generations of professional players. Then, as a professional fan, they will pay tribute to their idols in their own way, such as Liang Ruiz in front of Faker, Lord of the Stream, Demon Witch, etc., or show Weien in front of Uzi and so on. However, other people pay tribute to idols. The only way to pay tribute to the factory director is to be different, such as drawing a 7.

In the recent RNG and EDG players friendship, as RNG's new head of the jungle, Xiaolongbao chose Cui Shen, and then drew a 7 live in front of the EDG players. After seeing such a scene, the EDG player laughed and said it aloud, for fear that his coach did not know.

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