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33-year-old Yang Mi wears a pink tube top skirt, she has a super girly look, she ca n’t hide her good figure

Information source: qZBYnDCKQ

Yang Mi ’s status in the entertainment industry in the past two years is really beyond the reach of many people. She has been controversial since her debut, and everyone has praised her so that the editor feels that she is really a strong man. No wonder Will be recognized, will become the viewing queen yet.

Although her career was enviable, her relationship was not going well. After divorcing Liu Kaiwei, she was single again. Although she always had a scandal with Wei Daxun, she did not admit it, and she is also now She is already a very successful boss of the song. At the age of 33, she looks very girly because of good maintenance. Especially wearing fans' tube tops, it looks really age-reducing.

Seeing Yang Mi like this, many people feel too stunning, such a bumpy figure, really can not hide it, those who think she is thin, also feel amazing, the original Yang Mi is so expected.

Such a mature and sexy queen, it is no wonder that so many people will like her, and her daily dress is always followed by fans. Although she does not sell things intentionally, she still has the title of queen with goods. Yet. What do you want to say about this, welcome to follow the comments below!

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