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In January 2020, the countryside ushered in a season of spending money. Two expenses are indispensable. Three problems make farmers helpless.

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Before you know it, the 2020 Spring Festival begins! At this moment, the train station is also crowded with people, and the phenomenon of crowding people must start to appear. In the next few days, the peak of "back to home" will be ushered in everywhere, and migrant workers are also working overtime, expecting the unit to be earlier Take a vacation and let yourself go home early.

Although it is said that the number of people returning to the countryside has increased, during this period, there are more people returning home, and some bad habits have begun to emerge. The phenomenon of "disordering banquets and showing off wealth" has become more serious. Farmers have a headache for this. However, at the time of the Spring Festival, in January of the Year of the Rat, rural areas also ushered in a "spending season", two of which are indispensable, and three questions have caused headaches for many farmers. What are they? Let's talk about this topic today!

Every year before the Spring Festival, the countryside will usher in a wave of returning home. Farmer brothers who are migrant workers will return to their hometown to celebrate the New Year in advance. Rural people doing business abroad will also reunite near the Spring Festival. However, during this period In time, rural people will also enter the most expensive stage.

According to the author's understanding, there are many bad habits in the rural areas during the Spring Festival. More and more people put “nothing to drink” at the end of the year. According to the current standard of living, the amount of courtesy gifts has risen in an all-round way, from tens of yuans in the past to one or two hundred yuans. The better relationship now is 500 or 1,000 yuan, but in the Spring Festival During the period, there were many people at the banquets in the countryside. If the number of banquets was set a few years ago, a family would have to pay thousands of gifts to return home.

In addition to "friendliness and courtesy," during the Spring Festival, farmers still have a cost, which is "money for red envelopes". In our country, red envelopes are also a custom during the Spring Festival. Remember that, when visiting relatives and friends, adults Red envelopes are given to young children, and this custom continues to this day.

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