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There was no one in the late Qing Dynasty, why Li Hongzhang was admired by the great powers, and the reason was fascinating.

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In the late Qing Dynasty, China was bullied by many powers. The rule of the Qing dynasty was still in the turmoil. Li Hongzhang was highly respected by the powers in the late Qing Dynasty. He even ranked him with Bismarck and Grant as the world's three major statesmen. Bismarck used iron to unify Germany for the great achievements of one of the two foreign characters in the American Civil War. Compared with the two, Li Hongzhang in the late Qing Dynasty seemed to have nothing to do. The reason why Li Hongzhang is among them is really thought-provoking and admirable.

Li Hongzhang may not be the strongest in the entire Qing Dynasty, and it is indeed the most acceptable to the Western powers. His cultural and military skills are not only the ministers and assistant ministers of the Qing Dynasty, but also they have performed very well in diplomatic negotiations of various countries. It can be said that The Westernization Movement was facilitated by him, and it is precisely because of his existence that the Qing Dynasty still presents a thriving and progressive situation on the margin of destruction. In martial arts and military affairs, he pioneered and led the Huai Army to break the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement. The Beiyang Navy, which was organized and led by him, was well equipped and ranked seventh in the world at that time. If this is a prime minister of a powerful country, he may do well under the trees of his predecessors, but he can still make such a feat in such a defeated situation in Qing Dynasty, which is really worthy of admiration.

The purpose of the great powers to invade China was nothing more than interests. Of course, it was impossible to admire Li Hongzhang simply because of his talents. There was also an important reason that Li Hongzhang was generous and willing to spend money. At that time, Li Hongzhang was the Minister of Western Affairs and had control over the country's import and purchase financial power. For example, imports of firearms, cannons, and ships from foreign countries were all up to Li Hongzhang, and the Qing government paid all the real money. When Li Hongzhang started the Westernization Movement, he was a bit overly eager to see the results. Many foreign purchases of machinery and equipment were eliminated by foreigners. The big powers not only emptied their inventory but also made a lot of money. Naturally they were very happy with Li Hongzhang, who advocated purchasing.

During the feudal period in China, the diplomatic system was still incomplete and developed and still the older generation. To establish diplomatic relations with foreign countries, they must either bow their heads and pay tribute year by year, or wage war. If you win, you will conquer. If you win, you will surrender. For example, after the Western powers came, the Empress Dowager Cixi insisted on the main battle, even if it was to the end of the fishnet. However, Li Hongzhang is different. He is well versed in diplomatic universities and asks that he knows how to deal with foreigners at the negotiating table for the sake of national interests and how to receive the goods with the least effort possible. This aspect of Li Hongzhang is other Chinese officials. No one can compare, and Li Hongzhang knows foreigners very well, and behaves appropriately towards foreigners. He is neither too humble nor aggressive, which is a joy for foreigners.

Li Hongzhang's personal abilities are indeed admirable. His diplomatic skills and civil and military abilities are among the outstanding officials of the Qing government. Even Ito Hirofumi, who presided over the Meiji Restoration of Japan, praised him, saying that he was compared with him. Ashamed, this shows that Li Hongzhang's abilities are indeed recognized internationally, and we have to serve all of them.

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