Winter vacation days in 303 colleges and universities nationwide

The postgraduate entrance exam is also worth studying. International students who return to China have a high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

Yantai School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University

Students in the haze days in the playground exams because of naked loans I was fired from the university

Level 13 Putonghua Test of Yantai Vocational College

The real intention of my parents sending me abroad

Yantai Vocational College recruits full-time counselors

2017 MBA preliminary exam time is determined: one week in advance to December 17

New: Prospectus for Senior University Programs

2017 calendar baby smart baby project training cooperation agency

2017 Yantai Baby Calendar Competition

Adult piano class tuition fee 1,000 yuan / year

  • Winter Sports Festival Opens in Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School

    Come on! Come on! "Walking into the campus of Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School, cheers come and go ...

  • A small concert in Yantai to listen to the inner voice of children

    On the evening of November 26th at 18:30, "Fuge Education's Bright Star Concert · My Inner Voice" arrived in Yantai 1861 Creative Industry Park as scheduled ...

  • Ludong University Makes Historic Breakthrough in "Creating Youth" National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competition

    Under the guidance of Mr. Guo Xiaotong from the Agricultural College of Ludong University, the entrepreneurial project "Hongfa-Woody Oil and Oil Tung Industrial Chain Development" jointly completed by Yang Anren, Li Song, Qiao Yuan, Qu Yueying and other students, stood out in the final and won the gold ...

  • Follow the WeChat public account of Yantai Parents Circle

    On the road of parenting, if you have any questions, you can ask questions on WeChat public account to solve the troubles of growing up ...

Yantai Education Primary School | Middle School | University

Ongoing school scheme design for Berlin Spring Elementary School

  • [Foreigners in Yantai] Experiences of International Students from Three Countries
  • [Foreigner in Yantai] He is an affectionate "foreigner"
  • No.3 Middle School participates in the theme seminar on "Innovation and Development of Educational Information Technology"
  • Yantai No. 2 Middle School High School Student wrote a blessing to the teacher on the snow
  • The Middle School of Yantai University conducts snowy classroom and safety education activities
  • Yantai Affiliated Middle School Holds Final Review Method Exchange Meeting

Into Yantai Famous School ●●●

Entering Yantai Famous School--Yantai Vocational College
  • Entering Yantai Famous School--Yantai Industry and Trade Technician College
  • Into Yantai University--Yantai University School of Literature and Classics
  • Entering Yantai Famous School--Jindong Primary School

Domestic Education Education Trends | Campus News

32-year-old guy suffering from autism accidentally becomes a language genius who knows 56 languages

  • Student raises Nazi flag to attend school celebration
  • Chengdu teacher created his own "Emoji Pack Exam" popular students praised
  • Li Jiexiang: Talent and innovation cannot be separated from the progress of education
  • The number of candidates for postgraduate entrance examination in 2017 exceeded the 2 million mark for the first time
  • Girls go to the library 826 times in one year and become the “Gallery”
  • New People Promote Law to Implement Experts: Schools Relocate for Profit or Hidden

Educational Live Studio ●●●

2016 Study Abroad Interview
  • Video interview with Gillette studying abroad in 2016
  • VR micro live broadcast: Yantai calendar baby finals and awards ceremony
  • Micro live broadcast: 2016 opening ceremony of Yantai School affiliated to Beijing Normal University

Yantai Parent School ●●●

Yantai Parent School Launches Family Education Lecture "Let Love and Rule Go"

  • Holding hands with home school and growing up together--Zhaoyuan Liu Shuke holding hands with school
  • Penglai No. 2 Primary School's Tenth Family Committee Establishment and Wisdom Parents School Lecture
  • Parents don't pay attention to this in the first month of school
  • Criticize your child for skills. Keep the following 6 in mind!
  • In the beginning of the school season, parents must pay attention to these children's safety issues
  • Would you like to be a tiger mother and send your children to international classes?

Brand Events ●●●

  • Jiaodong Online Journalists Group
    Summary of Jiaodong Online Young Reporter Activities
  • 2016 college entrance examination policy briefing session increased to 4
  • 2015 Yantai First College Entrance Examination Policy Briefing Session
  • Review of the activities of the Jiaodong Online Journalists Group in 2015

●●● Hot Topics ●●●

2017 Yantai Baby Calendar Competition

The game is divided into three categories: talent baby, wisdom baby, WeChat baby [detailed]

The Third "Green Line China" Launched in Beijing

The third "Green China" event kicked off in Beijing with Wang Ban as image ambassador ... [detailed]

2016 interview with the principal of Yantai Aihua Bilingual School

Interviews with the principals of Yantai Aihua Bilingual School and Huasheng School in 2016 (video) ... [Details]

●●● Admission Information ●●●

  • New: Prospectus for Senior Art Training Courses
  • How to choose children English brand? -Ebella gives you tips
  • Yantai Institute of Industry and Trade Technologists: Get a "double certificate" for one tuition fee
  • Xinxin Tea Party Celebrates the Establishment of Yantai Branch of China Tea Artists Union
  • Activating Inner Passion to Achieve Excellence in Junior Lectures
  • Oriental Foreign Languages Experimental School
  • Extra! Youdao group summer admissions group offers 20% off!

College entrance examination news ●●●

The proportion of college entrance examination scores for comprehensive evaluation of Shandong University is expected to decrease

  • Candidate cheating will affect normal graduation and college admissions
  • The most difficult art test in 2017 history is not nothing, candidates are afraid
  • Shandong Cao County tampered with three candidates for college entrance examination and was sentenced to 6 months in prison
  • Art exams hit Lanzhou training classes to open "grab people" mode
  • Senior high school students dance rabbit dance for more than 600 people

Special recommendation

Keywords of 2016 Yantai Independent Admissions Conference

Study abroad ●●●

International students are highly enthusiastic about returning home to start a business

  • Voices of international students: the real intention of my parents sending me abroad
  • America's top high school admissions interview
  • Former Counselor Wang Baizhe supports the standardization of studying abroad
  • National Standards for Study Abroad Industry Promulgated
  • The gathering of parents of students studying abroad in Yantai

Wonderful atlas

  • Jinjilie's 49th National Overseas Tour Exhibition
  • University Ranking
  • Ranking of study institutions
  1. Wu Shulian 2015 Academic Ranking of Chinese University Teachers
  2. Ranking of Comprehensive Strength of 734 Universities in China by Province
  3. Top 100 teaching and research efficiency of independent colleges in 2015
  4. Top 100 Innovative Ability Teachers of China Independent Colleges 2015
  5. Wu Shulian's 2015 China Independent Academy Rankings Released
  6. Faculty Efficiency Rankings of 734 Universities in China
  7. Wu Shulian Top 100 Chinese Universities in 2014
  1. Shanshang Industry and Commerce Admissions to Italy in 2014 (Tuition waived)
  2. Enrollment in Yantai WECL College of English Study Abroad
  3. 2014 Yantai Second Middle School Admissions Brochure
  4. Yantai No.1 Middle School, Overtime 2014 Admissions Brochure
  5. American College Entrance Examination
  6. Shanghai Jiaotong University Study Abroad Platform (Yantai)
  7. Gold Gillette Study Abroad-Preferred Brand for Study Abroad

College entrance examination database

Entering Yantai Famous Universities and Colleges

Wonderful information ●●●

MCC Peking University joins hands in synthesizing education Xinhua Chapter

  • The birthday party of Yantai School affiliated to Beijing Normal University is warm and full
  • Yantai Natural Spelling and Reading Teaching Regional Seminar Held in Foreign Languages
  • Yew Wah School of Technology Week New Favorite-3D Printing Technology
  • Yew Wah School and Teachers Ranked in NMC Horizon Report
  • The opening ceremony of Yantai School attached to Beijing Normal University in 2016 (HD picture)


Fun Games, this is Young!
The hot sun washes the playground, and the Yantai School Affiliated Games of Beijing Normal University staged a fun ......... [Details]

Parent community ●●●

Australia proposes five-year residence visa for immigrant parents to attract skilled migrants

  • Must read for young students: eight conditions for applying for a public high school in the United States
  • Must read for international students: an article with insight into US university rankings
  • Must read for international students: Study abroad to beware of "Pheasant University"
  • International students must read: Forbes US public university rankings released
  • How do international students with poor language performance enter top American schools
Senior High School Parents Meeting of Yantai Aihua Bilingual School
Yantai Aihua Bilingual School hosted a high school parents' meeting, which attracted nearly a thousand junior high school graduates and parents ... [.]

●●● International Courses ●●●

  • Enrollment of Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School and Foreign Universities
  • Yantai Foreign Languages Experimental School-American Baishi Middle School Admissions Brochure
  • Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School-Sino-Canadian Class Admissions Brochure
  • Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School can apply for immigration after graduation from overtime
  • Graduated from International Department of Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School
  • Yantai School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University-International Course

●●● School Selection Guide ●●●

  • Yantai Aihua Bilingual School Doubles the Enrollment of the First Batch of Freshmen
  • 2016 Yantai Aihua Bilingual School's first freshman starts (Photos)
  • Beiwai experts: Studying in the United States after the college entrance examination needs to be prepared for Pheasant University
  • Yantai School affiliated to Beijing Normal University: Let students connect with the world in the future
  • International Department of Yantai Foreign Language Experimental School
  • Yantai Huasheng International School
Entering Yantai Famous Schools and International Schools

Exam News ●●●

Preparation for dry goods: the most important 530 high-frequency words in the English test

  • Detailed Explanation of Volunteer Reports for Ordinary High Schools in Yantai City
  • Yantai High School admission score line released the highest 727.07 points
  • Yantai High School admission score line released the highest 727.07 points
  • Yantai started the high school entrance examination on the 13th to accept "3 + 4" candidates for interviews today and tomorrow
  • There are more points in the entrance examinations in different places.

Wonderful atlas

  • 2016 Yantai High School Admission Score Line Out

Senior high school counseling

Preparation for dry goods: the most important 530 high-frequency words in the English test

  • 2016 Yantai Middle School Entrance Examination Questions and Answers
  • 2016 Yantai Senior High School English Test Questions and Answers
  • 2016 Yantai Senior High School Entrance Examination Mathematics Questions and Answers
  • 2016 Yantai Middle School Entrance Examination Questions and Answers
  • 2016 Yantai Senior High School Entrance Examination History Questions and Answers

●●● Essay Appreciation ●●●

Visit the Nuclear Power Science and Technology Museum-Du Jiayun Today, I was bathed in warm wind and went to the Nuclear Power Science and Technology Museum with the children of the reporter group.

  • Heart of National Defense Yang Yue
  • Read "Jane?" Love "-Cao Yuxin
  • Happy day-Li Yayi
  • "Autumn" Xu Chuyang
  • "I am a snake sculpture" Hu Yuchen
  • Story at the Table-Miao Bingchen
  • Quan Zhilong conquered me--Che Siyu
  • Who is Lu Xun-Yang Dongsheng
  • Collecting Friendship--Miao Bingchen
  • Recalling--Yang Chunyu
  • Bronze Door Opens Unicorn Return--Wang Yuzhang
提问题 | 找回答 Directly through the Education Bureau to ask questions | Find answers

People's Voice Seeing Education ●●●

  • Minsheng Education No. 10: Is it expensive for children to transfer to school? What should I do?
  • Commentary on Education: Dual Loss of Law and Morality in "Child Rental"
  • People look at education
  • Minsheng Education No. 9: Why did the two middle schools in Laiyang implement diversion into schools?
  • 20-year-old Chinese rugby player was insulted by China
  • Educational Issue No. 8: Summary of Hot Topics in the Education Industry for One Week
Entering Yantai Famous Schools, Elementary and Middle Schools

Latest Courses ●●●

  • Careers: National Chain Simba Star Piano Yantai Muping Campus
  • Xinshilu Elementary School Holds "Reading in Spring" Teacher and Student Reading Training
  • Flat school training in Zhichu Elementary School
  • Yantai Vocational College organizes "smart tablet function expansion" training
  • Fugue hires Korean performing arts dance teacher to meet on April 9
  • Jinjilie's 48th Overseas College National Tour Exhibition Yantai Station
  • Korean performing arts dance teacher airs down to Yantai for only 72 students
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